Monday, November 7, 2016


A Paid Bleeping Holiday with Fireworks, Free Booze, Nude Parades, Foot Long Hot Dawgs, Knife Throwing Jamboree's, Telephone Book Burnings, Free Bar-B-Q & Veggie Bowls, Kitten Races, Ganja Getting High Contests, Robot Boxing, Fire Eating Nuns, Dancing Yeti,...

Unicycle Acrobatics Lectures on Making Cup Cakes that can Walk, Consensual Oral Sex Tents really Awful Poetry Slams, and no Mimes!

Not One! Dammit!!

Make it so much fun everyone will want to vote twice on every election day. Even that stupid school board, and library crap will have lines rapped around the block five times over.

Make Thomas Jefferson, and all them Slaver Presidents both Highly Embarrassed, and Proud of You, and the Weird Nation they Dumped into History Totally by Accident!

It's high bleeping time we made Democracy The Totally Deranged, but Kind Hearted Sharing Block Party it was supposed to in the First Place!

Stay tuned.

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