Saturday, November 26, 2016

"Gawd's Aim Improves"

Well Commandant Fidel the First went to Hell yesterday. He was greeted by Stalin Robespierre Walt Disney, and a Delegation of the billions of Algebra teachers ensconced within the neither regions.

Hitler was detained at meeting concerning the refinement of instruments of torture. Satan was arguing with his old boy-friend Gawd on the phone, but sent a message written in fire welcoming Fidel.

Me I almost missed all the festivities. As usual I was asleep. This is how I missed the zillion person rally for Bernie in the Village, and the zillion person march against Trump after that.

Heck I keep missing Woodstock while asleep.

Anyway another former hero of mine is going to be shoveling burning coal for the next few billions years. Che' was really enchanting to me as a 15 year old. Well he was till I actually read what the evil fuck did.

He signed death warrant's like they was subway transfers, and loved every minute. Yep he said he was giving the blood thirsty revolutionary mobs what they wanted.

                     I used to have this poster in my dorm room.

Aw well the end of one era of bloody mayhem, and the continuation of another. Ain't we got fun.

Stay Tuned.

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