Friday, January 16, 2015

"2014 Hottest Year Ever"

Greetings dear Comrades. Well it official both NASA, and NOAA  have determined that "2014" is the Hottest year 'Ever' get that..."Ever Recorded. Hot Bleep huh?

 Yet the Republican Congress is taking a vote on if any of this really happening. Point blank madness. The house is on fire, and the residents are taking a vote on if anyone really smells any smoke.

I must ask...and if I were still on the air would try to put together a did this manner of thinking evolve? How did the rejection of science, and rationality become so accepted that this point of view could be so powerful as to install an actual major party to power?

Yes this is an outgrowth of our generations long Culture Wars,...but it's more. I think it's an actual shift in popular thinking away from the 'Enlightenment". That is accepting, and into a Neo-post Roman dark mysticism. 

A non-partisan...that is non-commie politically correct tree hugger rant is seriously called for. This is a Civilization changing movement we are witnessing. Sorry to put some Comrades down, but we need a Rational examination of a profoundly Irrational, and powerful movement.

Such Interesting Times.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Well there I go being "Rational" again, and expecting answers.

  2. Capitalism will not survive this crisis. Nor does it seem likely that Marxism will meet the challenge. I think some other kind of socioeconomic formation will develop by century's end. I don't know what it will look like, nor whether it will be better than what we've got now.