Monday, January 5, 2015

"Air Pirate Bunny"

Here are some family photos of "Bob the Bunny" during the Dark War Years. Eh...for them that looks closely it may 'seem' he fought for both sides.

In fact this is not so.

The Rabbit flying Axis aircraft is none other than "Otto". This as ya knows is Bob's most Evil twin!
Beware "Otto" often impersonates Bob, and causes all manner of mayhem. That, and no end of embarrassing incidents with Interpol, and other law enforcement agencies for dear "Bob the Bunny" our Hero, and part time Saint.

Bob rarely speaks of his time in the Service. However he did serve first as a member of the volunteer "Flying Bunnies" squadron of the R.A.F. This before the U.S. entered the war. Later he flew P-51's with the species segregated "Pink Tail" squadron. Much as Blacks flew with the human color segregated "Red Tails". Both had to prove to speciesist, and racist authorities that they too had the right to fight for their country!

Bunnies as we now know are a self-aware sentient species. The were self-aware long before we were in fact. We also know Rabbits can  live up to 250 years. Bob being about 90 is barely middle aged. 

Little is known of his youthful years. Other than he began his activist life with the Bonus Marchers. From there he fought in Spain with the "Bugs Bunny Legion". He came back, and worked with the "Young Communists" at City College where he met my Mom. 

This is how he became such a long term friend of the family. Anyway you know about his flying in the War years. Though when he came home like so many Rabbits, and Blacks he couldn't get a job with the airlines as pilots or even ground crew because of Species/Race bigotry. 'Course his Red past didn't help. 

So he went into show business, and never looked back. All things considered he always sez "I'm fine". "As long as I have cigars carrots booze, and pals I'm fine". 

A lesson there for us all I think.

Stay Tuned...too lazy to use large font.

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