Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"All is Forgiven"

 "All is forgiven" sez Mohammed 'his own self' on the front cover of "Charlie Hebdo" in it's first edition after the mass murder of artists, and administrators of the 'Zine by Islamic Maniacs.

That's the probably fictitious personality Mohammed his self there on the cover forgiving the evil infidels for having taken his name in vain.  The famous other unlikely celeb Yahushua- , aka "Da Lawd" has no comment.

Here below are our Heroic Comrades in "giving da finger" to  the Powers that Be putting together the latest edition of "Charlie Hebdo". 

"You give'em fucking Hell my dear Comrades!!!"

The offices of "Liberation" was opened for our Heroes to get back to work of telling the truth by making us laugh!

(Btw back in the mid-80's somewhere they published a tiny piece on me, and my little Queer Press. Even put in one of my less naked Angels.)

All this Hatred Murder Madness though all these Centuries over people that may very well never existed or if real never intended the religions that came from their teachings.

One shudders of the Bloody Mayhem, and Persecutions that will come centuries hence when the "Church of Elvis" fights to the Death against the "Freedom Ministry of Sigmund Freud".

Me I keep Faith with the "Passion of Saint Marilyn".

"Oh Blessed, and Pure Saint Marilyn. You who suffered from the Demon's Curse of wanton contempt of Women. You who was Martyred by the hands of the corrupt, and powerful. 

Oh Blessed Saint Marilyn of Monroe. Have Mercy on your Children who blog in darkness who write paint draw sing, and compose under the wraith of the ignorant, and vengeful mighty.


(Repeat as needed.) 

Stay Tuned.


  1. We're gonna need religion real bad for the hard times that are upon us. The time has come to establish the Temple of the Beautiful Boy, for such is the true faith and the object of my adoring veneration. Never did I more urgently require the consolations of religion. Hosanna! Alleluia!