Monday, January 26, 2015


Snow Spirits. These beings live within the chill of frozen air, and ice crystals. They often assume the shapes of wolves bears shimmering light or sometimes the likeness of their cousins the forest faeries.

Civilization is far too hot for them to survive in except for times like these. These rare events when wind snow, and ice overwhelm even the machines of men

Then they come.

They come to the hearts of our cities to explore, and learn. As in tales of old they also give enchantments to the kindly they very young, and the very old.

Their time with us is very brief.

So if you watch carefully in these next hours you may see their shadows.

Stay Tuned.



  1. Sidney, neither Federal, State or City government agencies expects seniors or anyone else to be keeping any kind of appointment with them tomorrow, in fact a lot of their offices will be closed. This is like Sandy- the city is shutting down for the duration of the storm, which is tonight and tomorrow, at least. So sit tight and enjoy the blizzard from the cosiness of your own home. XO P&RP

  2. Indeed I was just on the MTA site. They're shutting down subway service at 11:PM. No word on when it starts up again.

    You're right this is a "Sandy" event. Btw I went up the block to T-Mobile to refill my phone...they closed hours ago. Everything around is closed or closing.

    Btw Bob the Bunny went out to get some Nickle Bags, and cookies. I'll post pics later. I'm going to take a nap for a while. Will contact you via email.

    Also greetings, and hello to all our good comrades out there. If you're here in the Northeast hang tough!