Sunday, January 18, 2015

"It Just Doesn't Stop"

Officers from a South Florida police department are drawing fire after getting caught using photos of real-life suspects for target practice.

Critics told NBC South Florida, which first reported the controversy, that the North Miami Beach cops are racially insensitive because the six mug shots used at the firing range feature only African-American suspects.

 A Florida National Guard member arrived at the shooting range on a Saturday last month for training and recognized her brother's 15-year-old booking photo among the bullet-riddled targets left behind by North Miami Beach police officers.

Police Chief Scott Dennis told NBC South Florida that officers used poor judgment. No one would be punished, however, Dennis said.

The misstep was reminiscent of a flap in 2013 over a Port Canaveral, Florida police sergeant who was fired for distributing targets of Trayvon Martin for shooting practice. Martin was the 17-year-old unarmed teenager who was followed and fatally shot by George Zimmerman in February 2012.

We talked about "Kindness as a Revolutionary Act" below. Well it is, but sometimes it's not easy. Forgiveness, and an open Hearted attitude towards those that despise you even want to kill you.

Indeed Kill you with a clear conscience.

That calls for Saintly strength, and wisdom, but can be done. There's tons of books from all Faiths that try to tell us how, but in the end it's just us. Us finding that unnameable spark within us.

Yeah New Age pseudo Christian Sufi double talk.

How the heck do you find space in your Heart for those that would enjoy your violent Death. Hey don't look at me...I'm just asking the question. However there seem to be folks that can.

For me the best I can do is clear my mind...and just do it.

It's like I used to say in my Preacher days. 

 "Forgive the jerks."

"Sure you'd like to kick their Butt into next Tuesday. Forgive'em anyway."

"...and do it Now."

"Your Heart will catch with it later."

Stay Tuned.

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