Thursday, January 8, 2015


I guess this isn't going to be a beach day after all. Here I was going to Coney Island to sit on the Boardwalk in peace. What with that awful Summer Crowd finally gone.

Actually I do recommend a peaceful sit by the beach reading bad science fiction, and eating fries, and hot dawgs. Maybe a large Lime Ricky with crushed ice as well.

However a look out of my window tells me maybe today ain't the day. Bleeping snow, and giant ice icicles all over the place. Funny so much has been going on lately I haven't really paid any attention to the weather.

It's 9f with the wind it feels like -7f.

A good day to stay home, and draw Queer Angels for my art class. Unfortunately I need to shop. Unlike dear Holmes I have no Mrs. Hudson to take care of me...yet. That I have have to see my shrink today.

For all the good that does.

Right they put you in this little room sit you down, and have you tell of the Horrors of your life. They say very little, and when you're truly traumatized by reliving your life's nightmares they say "Times up", and toss you out.

So there you are on the -7f street wondering what the fuck was that about! After that madness hell I may go to the bleeping Beach anyway!

Anyway I'll be back later today sometime.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I've been having a hell of a time posting a comment! Nothing gets through. What the hell is going on? This is my 4th test.

  2. Finally one got through! Hooray! Now I can go back to freezing to death!

  3. Here in Cowhampshire it was real minus 7 (don't know what the wind chill was) at 8am - cold!!!!! I wrote this:today

    Minus seven isn’t heaven,
    but’s not as cold as is eleven.
    ‘Twas that cold when I went out;
    stepped through the door and gave a shout
    of awful pain from the awful chill
    of the piercing wind I’m feeling still.
    Came back home to shiver and shake,
    and knew I had a poem to make,
    and sat right down to try to write,
    but inspiration was not in sight,
    ‘cause the muse was fully froze,
    so this’ll be just one of those.

  4. I dunno...some tell me they have trouble getting through. Maybe Interpol is jamming me...glad ya made it though.

  5. Once again "ed" thanks for being there all these years. Thanks for the words. Btw we're having a heatwave in the Emerald City this today...this is the next day. It's going up to 23f!!!

    Guess I'll have that Beach Day after all.

    Peace to you both.

  6. Well my neck of the woods is turning into a desert. I guess it's hard to find a happy medium.