Thursday, January 1, 2015

"First ART of the Year"

 "When I hear the word 'ART' I reach for my Crayons!"

So I got home about 2:30 this morning after a swell evening with pals seeing in the New Year. I was a bit edgy while laying in bed so I took pictures of some Christmas light that were draped over my door through a water bottle.

The above is the result.

I have no idea how any of this happened. I could never in a zillion years replicate is funny that way.

I took maybe 50 images or so most came out like these. Maybe I'll turn them into post cards...yeah why not. Like I sez,..."First ART of the New Year!

So far so good.

Next maybe "Bob the Bunny" t-shirts, and sweat shirts...we'll see. I figure it willhave either a color drawing or photo of old Bob on the front. This with the copy, "..."Bob the Bunny"..."Not just a Sock Puppet".

A happy New Year to You ALL!!

 Stay Tuned.

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