Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Stars, and Bars"

Both the far Right, and Left have the hots for the above flag. They believe that the traditional Stars, and Stripes are is fact our Battle Ensign,...War Flag. Indeed many Nations have this distinction in their banners.

The British Royal Navy flies it's War ensign from it's ships as well as the Union Jack. Eh....the Battle flag is the one with the Union Jack in the upper left corner.

Anyhow some seem to believe that we also have this distinction in our colors. Thing is we did...sorta. At least till Congress settled the matter by saying that the Stars, and Stripes was it.

Before that there were many variations on the theme which led to some confusion in international waters as to correct identification of vessels. There is some evidence that the design of the Civil Flag or Peace Flag...the one with the inverted bars was used in some parts of the former colonies.

The design seems to have survived as the "United States Marine Revenue" pennant. This when most of the income for the Federal Government was from the taxation of imports from the sea lanes.

That was before the formation of the grossly illegal, and Unconstitutional "Internal Revenue Service" in 1918 or there about.

Below the top flag is of the 1800 "Marine Revenue" flag, and the bottom is the current "U.S. Customs" flag. They both have a striking resemblance to the so-called U.S. Civil Flag.

The Customs flag design is a direct cultural survival of the old post colonial "Marine Revenue" banner. Such things are common especially on the east coast. This the area of the original colonies. 

In fact the colors of the New York City flag are the same as the 17th century Dutch flag. New Amsterdam being a Dutch colony at the time. 

Ya know I wouldn't mind a choice in flags. We didn't even have a standard National Anthem till the 1930's. Hey we're American we do what we want. Across the country there we all sorts of anthems sung at school church or ball games.

At my Catholic school in the 1950's we sang "My Country Tis' of Thee". The secular school 'one' block away sang "America the Beautiful". In New Jersey my cousin's school sang "This land is Your Land". ...leaving out all the radical Left-wing parts. 

It wasn't till the 1970's that I noticed the "Star Spangled Banner" all over the place. There must have been a directive or regulation come down. 

Bleep it everyone 'hates' that stupid song. 

No one knows the words, and the tune wanders all over the place...it's the stupidest anthem in the world. 

It goes on about stuff blowing up, and rich people taking land, and folks getting stabbed, and robbed.

Anyway  about that flag far right nuts, and left maniacs both seem to like. This will lead to confusion when the "Great Break Down" comes, and we all start shooting at each other. ...again.

Similar things happened early in our first Civil War. Both armies still wore blue, and the first Confederate flag looked too much like the Federal Stars, and Stripes.


This led to not a few battle field embarrassments.

Me I always liked that "Don't Tread on Me" snake flag. 'But them Tea Party Nazis took it lock stock, and barrel...I'll have to find something else.

Well I'm waiting for the next "Fort Sumter", (...Google it.), like everyone else...till then keep safe take drugs drink heavily, and eat plenty of chocolate...it's good for you.

Stay Tuned.

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