Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Bob the Bunny Seasonal Recap"

I've been posting the adventures of "Bob the Bunny" mostly on my Facebook pages. However for those that care here's what our Hero has been up to this season.

Above are snapshots from Christmas, and News Years. The bottom pix has Bob wandering Times Square Blitzed on Angel Dust Vodka, and Crack. He was found a week later in an air vent of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Above are stills from the "History Channel" special "Bob the Bunny" hosted about the contribution of Rabbits in the WW2 air war against the Axis. Bob flew with the "Pink Tails". 

This is similar to the "Red Tails" flown by African Americans. Both groups were in racially, and species segregated units.

Above is Bob covering the amazing "Mexico City Mega-Blizzard" for the BBC. One day it was 86f, and humid then the skies opened up. The temperature fell to 20f, and wind blasted snow began to fall. 8 feet with drifts up to 25 before it ended. 

This Climate Change disaster did more to cripple the Drug Cartels that 20 years of U.S., and Mexican police action.

Here's our Hero Bob on the International Space Station after his rescue from them Saucer guys. This is not the first time Bob or your esteemed editor has been abducted by these fucking rat bleeping bastards.

I tell ya there ain't nothing nice about them guys...I ain't met one yet with a sense of humor or an understanding of what plumbing is which makes for a messy flight.

'But I digress.

The circumstances of Bobs abduction as well as mine, and everybody elses is 'sealed' due to that rotten "Treaty of Death Valley" the U.N. was forced to sign back in '52.  We gave the store away with that one. Them bastards can fuck us all they like, and we can't do or say shit!!

I say shove a few 500 Megaton War-heads up their skinny grey butts in that fortress they got on the far side of the Moon. Try phoning home without an Ass ya evil Hell spawn!!

Again I digress.

Bob returned to Earth, and after yet another rectal exam was released back to his normal life.

Below is Bob on his way back to his digs after his latest Alien Abduction. Naturally his Insurance don't cover bleep...neither did mine.

Below is Bob on his first post-abduction Press assignment. The Ukrainian War. He chose it. Said Bob the Bunny, "...I wanted to be somewhere safe, and after getting space reamed again this looked just the spot.

Returning to his Brooklyn digs where he rooms with me your faithful servant. Bob tries to relax. Here you see him ambling about the 'Hood.

"Katy's" Bob's favorite Candy Store. One of the last of it's breed. Yep hardly one like "Katy's" left after the ravages of the Economic Chaos the 1% caused.  That Nightmare has blighted the once Great Emerald City.

'But still...

Dear old "Katy's" though banged about, and in need of a good paint job is what thousands of such swell institution used to be. 

She has 'everything'. Rolling papers first class Nickle Bags of Ganja comics...none of that "Japlish" demented Nipponese stuff, but for real all American comics like ya supposed to have.

Real candy with tons of sugar in it like gawd intended. She's got smokes bongs toys crap for school kid newspapers'n 'zines in every language soft core porn ac, and dc  bootleg games'n DVD's. Also assorted stuff for computers, and iPhones.

Bolivian Magic Charms, and Alien Technology junk in the back.

'Matter of fact if she ain't got it she just makes a call'n you get ya merchandise within the hour. 

That came in handy when Bob was a part-time "Catholic Buddhist Voodoo Holy Boy Priest". I mean Turquoise Poppies, and Sky Blue Mushrooms ain't easy to come by.

(The shop is open 24/7 except for Shabbos Friday evening, and Saturday. Also of course all the regular Jewish'n Rosicrucian Holidaze.)

Ah! Brooklyn. The City of Artists.

...well now ya up to speed with the Adventures of "Bob da Bunny". Didn't cost you a dime neither. Hey we aims to please.

Stay tuned.

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