Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I believe in the Spiritual Realms...not necessarily in any Divinity, but the "realm" for sure. This because of my subjective experiences with folks that have died, and assorted sprites, and presences.

No big deal really. 

All cultures from all human history have something to say about this stuff. Mostly folks are afraid to die, and vanish so they made up religions, and an afterlife.

Well they didn't have to make it up.

I can't say what the hell is going on, but 'something' most certainly is. Heck if I knew what it was I'd rent a big tent, and charge the rubes $50. bucks a ticket to tell'em.

The way things are going I might do that anyway.

I bring this jazz up because I've been running into friends, and relatives that are supposed to be stiff in the ground somewhere, but show up at my digs anyway...yeah yeah I know, but it happens.

Sue me.

You know I actually concoct cool sermons, and give good eulogies. So it's a short step to set up business in some store front least I'd be honest about shit.

Anyhow keep warm, and I'll be back later.

Stay Tuned.  


  1. I also think the spirit realm is real. Didn't used to - I was a strict materialist for the longest time. But it's present, & probably interpenetrates our world - just like Obi Wan said about the Force.


  2. Yeah that's how I see it. I don't know about any g-ds or anything, but spirits yeah. They've been hanging around me my family, and assorted friends since I was born. So I guess they've always been here.

    The who what where me.

    I love a Mystery.