Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"We're in the Same Boat"

Yeah we're in the same bleeping boat, and it's sinking. We have a 30 degree list, and we're going down at the head. ...fast.

This current state of national affairs can't go on. Something terrible is 'going' to happen. In any other country there would have been a revolt of the Poor Working, and Middle Classes years ago.

My guess is that if we had any sense we would have gone into the Streets when it became clear the Obama would not or could not do anything of substance. 

...say a year in for sure.

Heck even 'that' would have been years too late so who am I kidding here.

The nation's Engine Room had been blown to HELL! It's flying to pieces, and the News mediums are pretending that everything is under control. 
"Those rumbles you hear, and sharp vibrations you feel are just normal adjustments...it all fine."

Then they give you celeb news, and ball scores.

That, and commercials for junk you don't need, and can no longer afford anyway. Meanwhile the 1% of the 1% are converting their wealth to gold land, and assorted hard currencies. Also moving it the Hell out of the country.

That is their Life Boat.

You...you don't have one. You, and me are being left to drown.

That's it gang.

'You don't like it do something about it.

Stay Tuned.

...ya know so few come here this is 'really' more of a private journal. Though a few old friends do drop by. All in all I happy with this arraignment. 

Less hassle.

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