Thursday, January 1, 2015

"New Years with Pals"

Greetings comrades, and a Happy New Year to ya all! Normally I spend all of the Holidaze under my covers counting the seconds till it's over. 

However this year I came out of my hibernation unit, and actually went to both a Solstice Party, and an informal News Years at the Parsonage of the Rt. Reverend R.P.Martin, and his swell Soul-Mate Nurse Pickles.

Like my sister Sylvia these two swell folks have got it into their heads to keep me alive. This despite my constant protests.

My what a sweet couple.

They've been my pals for Decades. The Rev. Martin, and I are old radio broadcast hacks from way back. We've seen the shit, and lived to tell the tale. Dear Nurse Pickles is an Angel,...period.

Anyhow I went over to their happy digs, and we laughed our heads off at the madness of the world ate chicken had small rations of diabetic Chocolate, and watched the Ball drop.

We need sometimes to acknowledge what Blessings we have in friends, and family.

Well it's another year coming of laughs bullshit, and Chocolate...I can hardly wait!

Btw Pickles got "Bob the Bunny" a Holiday present. A cool bomber jacket with patches, and everything! 


Who else, but a dear pal would be thoughtful enough to actually get a swell present for your sock Puppet.

I'm one lucky old Fart!

Stay Tuned.


  1. That's a very thoughtful gift! Glad you had a good time with such great pals.

    Uh, what has Bob been smoking lately? Have you thought about taking him to detox? On the other hand, if he's doing ayahuasca, I hear that's very spiritually beneficial. Maybe Bob is working on a degree in shamanic studies.


  2. You crazy kids!

    Happy New Year!


  3. Very Nice! Sydney, R. Paul, Pickles

  4. Holy Shit! I'm finally back and connected after having lost your URL for the second time. Oh man! Glad to see all is well here since that's not something that can be said about many places these days! Long live Uncle! Long live Hakim B. and all the other angels out there. How the hell is Peter anyway? Still living along the Hudson north of the city I presume. And Hi Zaek!

  5. Yeah he's still up there somewhere.

    Glad you found us again...btw you might want to go retro, and get a pencil, and paper, and WRITE down the URL..just say'n is all.

    Welcome back comrade!