Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Let'em Starve!"

There is no 'good' reason,...unless you're a Social Darwinist Heartless Bleep Head! I copied the post above from Facebook...sue me.

What's going to happen when millions..actually 'tens' of Millions lose their access to food then their electric then their house car education insurance the whole shebang!

This ain't a "what if" comrades 'cause this shit is going down as I post, and you read. ...and we both know it.

However lets be real about this. These proles are Americans. Remember Americans are profoundly stupid, and very easily fooled into anything. Just have some sex symbol with her tits hanging out on TV tell them to cut their own throats or jump off a bridge, and they will.


To quote a movie I only half remember, "...It is not that we are so wise it is that they are so Stupid." ...Hole in one!

Now the heirs of Jefferson, and Lincoln are hungry can't watch cable or order pizza. Of course the usual suspects will be blamed. Ya know Blacks Queers Jews Liberals, and that weird guy that lives down the street.

This will work fine for a while.

A swell time will be had lynching the above for quite a while, and things will be fine. As I mentioned in an earlier post it will be a return of the good old days. 

"1916  America!"

Yep an era when you could lynch castrate rape rob anybody ya liked as long as they was Niggers. My it'll be like Christmas, and New Years for the great unwashed, and stupid Angry White Guys!

This will really work swell till even the Angry Guys see that them Darkies Jews, and Queers is on the street with nothing too!

They starts to wonder, "...If it ain't them...then who could'a done all this to us?" "Hummm.." They sez to themselves they sez.

"Eh...could it be Space Aliens...Ghosts...Big Mice...the Tooth Faerie...Mexicans?

"Naw they's more broke than Niggers!"


"Hey!!" ...the Dummies will finally think.

"Ya don't suppose it could be them rich folks on TV do ya?!!"

Well the hungry morons of America by a very long tortured process of elimination may...I say 'may' finally arrive at more or less the right answer.

So after lynching a shit load of Blacks Jews Queers, and assorted weirdos their tenuous intellects will at last focus in the the 'real' architects of their Doom!  

The for real, and true Culprits.


Don't laugh I've heard nuttier on TV, and radio.  Also forgive my anti-White nastiness. Hey I never said I was a Saint...I'm as freaked out, and pissed off as 'Everybody' else. 

This country is so finished. 

Bleep it I'm going to a movie, and eat popcorn, and hotdogs while I still can.

Good Luck to you all.

An old, but 'very' functional "Firefly" tank stands guard outside of the venerable Brooklyn Museum. This a short walk from my digs. Soon such will not be science fiction. Soon we'll have to guard our books, and art treasures from the Book Burners for real.

I wish to hell I was kidding.


A day after an improvised explosive was detonated outside the Colorado Springs, Colo., NAACP office, local leaders condemned what some believe is a possible hate crime and act of domestic terrorism.

“This certainly raises questions of a potential hate crime,” said Sondra Young, president of the Denver chapter of the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People. “But at this point we’re still gathering information. It’s a very sad situation, but we’re happy our people in Colorado Springs are safe.”
The device was detonated against the exterior wall of the NAACP building on South El Paso Street on Tuesday morning. No one was injured, said Amy Sanders, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Denver.

The above from the L.A.Times.

Shades of the demented shit that always went down when I was a little kid. Like I sez, "...I wish the Hell I was kidding.

Stay Tune 

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