Friday, January 9, 2015

"Freedom of Expression in never Free"


  1. Sydney,
    The problem is that this action will be used to buy more drones, airplanes, bombs, tanks. The bankers win once again. We pay them interest for all those things.

    At the senior center yesterday a friend who had been watching Fox News showed up animated as hell telling us all about the gunmen being killed. He was even blaming his alcoholic wife who he divorced 20 years ago. The bankers know how to work up the unstable. More drones, tanks, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, helicopters, fighter jets, etc., etc., etc. More extension of our Puritan Hegemony around the world. Oh did I forget: More Interest To The Bankers for all that equipment and the people it takes to man and woman them.

    There are better ways to stop this madness. Let's find them Sydney. Pay attention to my Occupy friends at Occupy Weed Street and Occupy The NEED Act. They/We are everywhere and can be found on Facebook.

    May The Angels Be With You Sidney,
    No more B-29's or Messerschmidts,

  2. Notice how the faces of the writers and artists are full of wit and sparkle & charm. Whereas their killers - whose photos I saw a little while ago - look exactly like morons, as you might expect. Character really does show.


  3. Perhaps we passed judgment on Eugenics too fast. Oh my there's my inner National Socialist speaking again. Thing is though you have an embarrassing point there. The writers, and artist 'do' look the part.

    So do the assassins.

    Straight out of central casting. If someone make a movie portraying this as fiction some would be outraged at the stereotyping. However the truth of the matter is the bad guys the killers in general 'do' look like mentally deficient maniacs.

    The mobs of fanatics all over the world have the same look.

    I guess it's that group mind thing. If you join factions of evil, and death you'll look like villains..the whole lynch mob thing. You join one you actually change. Your lower instincts take over, and you evil self is released.

    Right this is a load of Eugenics crap...they're just Morons.

    As I've sometimes said. If one could put all the evil ones on a very remote island I'd be all for it's Nuclear Bombardment.

    I would.

    Well at least until my Better Angels gave me hell for even thinking such. So instead of multi-Megatons of canned sunshine. We should drop them TV dinners candy Ram Das books, and loads, and loads of Ganja.

  4. Eugenics? Perish the thought! I was thinking that the belief systems (BS) we act out of tend to determine who we become. If we activate only the reptile brain, it's not going to develop our characters in a very pleasant way. Whereas if we get some of that cuddly mammalian action going, a la bonobos, plus maybe some higher functions like creativity and wit, then we might even become fully human, or something like it.


  5. Yeah you got it. Our Bonobos selves should be encouraged at all costs. This should be taught K-Grad School!

    An NSA recording of a 3rd grade class.

    ( course recorded in the National Interest.)

    "Now class as you can see in this video them Bonobos monkey guys are doing just fine fucking, and playing all day long sorta like Dolphins. These swell folks are our ancestors, and we need to act like it."

    "Now as you can see from 'this' video which cost the arm of the photographer. We see killer apes going at it. They steal torture, and murder apparently for fun...these maniacs are our ancestors too."

    "Now which one are we going to be like...anyone?"

    "No Billy we're not going to be fire-engines...Judy?"

    "That's right...Gold Star for you. We gonna be them fuck crazy Bobobos."

    "Billy like I been telling you all semester we are not inanimate objects. Stop reading that damned Spinoza, and that Hobbs jerk. Them Mechanical philosophers will only get you into trouble."

    "Yeah", sez Judy,

    "'ll never get funk'n laid with them guys!"