Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Snow Daze"

Greetings dear Comrades. I'm feeling a bit better. Wow flu is a serious trip. Good grief. I'm making Veggie soup with whatever I can find in the kitchen. I haven't shopped for the whole week I was in bed.

Amazing how odds, and ends can make a healthy meal. Indeed I truly need a Mrs. Hudson to take care of me. The house is a mess. You know how things get when you're really knocked off ya feet.

Things stay where they're dropped.

I got a letter from the "Department of Old Farts". They want to know if I'm still alive. Also They want me to go over there to prove it. Fine I could do with the company. I have to reschedule the Dentist, and Shrink appointments anyway.

I was too knocked out to go anywhere so missed them.

Btw we had a touch of Snow this morning. See above pic taken by my Niece. It was all washed away by rain a few hours later. Not much Snow in town this year...just as well I don't think I could navigate it these daze.

Still I do kinda miss it.

During the week a pal emailed me an article on what ISIS is doing in Iraq. Bad...really bad. They're stoning women blowing up schools beheading folks, and throwing Queers off the roofs of High-Risers.

There's pictures of this in the piece as well. 

Should I publish that?

I haven't decided...maybe on my Queer page. I donno. If there were internet during the Holocaust would people publish the smuggled out images?  Did they publish the Genocides in the Balkans Rwanda?

What a frightful time this is.

Work for Peace Kindness Forgiveness, and Justice.

I'll be back in a little while.

Stay Tuned.

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