Thursday, January 15, 2015


Oh my dear Comrades,...the Horror of this World. The Horror of this not so new Century. In Washington the Congress of the United States of America now dominated by Republicans. Is taking a vote on if Climate Change is real.

Saints in Heaven.

Ignorance, and gross stupidity at the Heart of a Nation that was once the Hope of the World. Elsewhere the usual. What has become the usual. Little Genocides all over what we call the Third World. Fanatics of various kinds are killing whole villages.

Doing it the old fashioned way. Knives Clubs burnings beheadings hangings.  Africa the Middle-East Asia other places on it goes. Indeed thousands just the other day in Nigeria.

It's government too corrupt, and Army too incompetent to do anything about it. The West just looks on not wanting to get it's fingers burned yet again in a local Tribal Blood Fest.

Here right here in the Emerald City the Police justify killing unarmed people. They openly say, "...'any' police kill is automatically a proper kill". This caught on a phone-cam.

Swell huh.

No wonder those that can like the 1%...many are cashing in their wealth for Gold, and leaving for secure locations. I'd do the same if I could.

As we've discussed here many times about the coming Fall of the West. It's no longer coming it here. Only it's no just the West. It's the whole Shebang.

Comrades while we weren't watching we slowly fell into a Dark Age.

We are 'in' a DARK AGE.

Stay Tuned,...though I'm afraid for what.


  1. You're right. We've unwittingly slipped through the portals of a dark age & are now deep into the gloaming.

    Never was there a more dire need than ours for the salvific grace of the Beautiful Boy!


  2. Oh, but how to do it so it sticks.

  3. A pal noticed that there was a "Fifth" Horseman in this Post's illustration. Yeah there is...I guess the new guy is "STUPIDITY".

    Things are now so Bad the he finally gets his own Horse.

  4. I noticed that too. Stupidity is of course the perfect choice for his identity - fits our situation to a T.