Friday, January 9, 2015

"One Tough Bird!"

Besides all the other noise, and static in my life. My 'only' real goal the only real object in my life is to out-live this old gal!  For craps sakes I was a bleeping baby when she got the Crown, and she's showing no signs of kicking the bucket.

I actually remember seeing the Coronation. See my uncle was a TV repairman so the whole family had a set. Used, and re-built, but who cared back then. 

I had the thrill of watching the "Cisco Kid", and President Eisenhower telling us to duck, and cover. Because as he said, "...The Terrible Arithmetic is that some Russian Bombers 'will' get through, and we must be prepared".

Scary shit living in the 1950's.

Wow I had no idea that New Jersey was still a Crown Colony! 'Learn something everyday. Anyhow I have every intention of being around to watch Her State Funeral. ...while eating popcorn. 

However knowing Her it's going to be a Damned Close Thing!

Stay Tuned.


  1. Didn't her mom live to 102? Keep up your health regimen and you'll live to bury her. Don't forget moderate exercise too.


  2. P.S. New Jersey - isn't that where they call the cattle home across the sands of Dee? Or something like that. Maybe it's the NJ pine barrens.


  3. It's also where one week they arrested so many N.J. elected, and appointed officials on corruption that they needed several special buses just to get them all to court.

    Thief is an Olympic Sport in that State.

    As for the Queen I think she may well out last me. If her Mum is anything to go by. She lived as you said to 102. The Queen having had better health care, and diet that even her mother...well.

    She may make it to 110.

    Her son Charles will likely die before he can ascend to the Throne. Prince William will be near 50 when she finally decides to kick the bucket.

    As I said a Tough Bird!