Saturday, April 8, 2017

"A Modest Proposal"

There are many kinds of warfare. Those of national survival. Like WW2 against Nazi Germany, and Imperial Japan, and their allies. Colonial wars...fighting to maintain an empire. Ideological proxy wars with other major powers. National liberation wars, and the counter insurgencies it always brings.

Then our current asymmetrical conflicts.

The latter is actually the most easy to fight, and end. However one must be completely ruthless to do this. ( We are not hence out troubles.)
Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir described another way. This regards her nation's foundation wars. This in the context of the frightful history of the Jewish peoples. Said she, "...We are simply not in a position to care what the world thinks of us. We are as we always have been. Abandoned. So will survive by any means."

So in the interests of cauterizing the gushing wound that is that portion of the Middle East. Damn what 'anyone' thinks...

Hit Assad's palace, when he's home, with fuel air best things to nukes. ...Google them. Then an general air/sea bombardment of all as in 'all' Syrian military installation of 'any' kind. Keep this up...say four days, till it's all smoldering craters. Then talk with blood in our eyes to the Russians about building a new country there...with Russia doing the heavy lifting. "All' of it.

Oh,....and 'exterminate' Isis while we're at it. Which btw either we or Russia could have done years ago. However they're just too useful to both of us to let go.

The moral of this story.

If you are going to fight a war any kind of war you fight it to win, and end it as soon as possible.

This quote from General William Tecumseh Sherman,...yeah 'that' General Sherman.
"War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it; the crueler it is, the sooner it will be over."

...and he meant it, and did it.

Google that guy. He understood the horror of war, and how to quickly end it.

( There's his Civil War portrait above. He doesn't even 'look' like someone you'd want to piss off.)

Stay Tuned.


  1. Speaking of worthy targets, it appears that authorities in Chechnya have been rounding up gays and putting them in concentration camps:

    There are reports that the Chechen leader is personally involved, apparently with Putin's blessing. Too bad Grozny is off the US target list, seeing how it's officially part of Russia. But there is a petition one can sign on Pink News:

    I've done so, and forwarded it to friends.

    Putin is a real shit, I think, right up there with the mossback Milonov, who's a sort of Russian Jesse Helms. And as for the Chechen leader - well, Chechens are not nice people, from what I've read.

    BTW, I may be going offline for a while, due to bandwidth issues.


  2. Same here for extreme health issues. Peace to you old friend.