Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Aw Fuck"

My FB comrade Karen asks if "Kratom" might help with my pain, and nausea. Well from what I heard it might though one should be very careful with any drug natural or industrial.
The DEA is running around with horror stories about how this Kratom stuff contains psychoactive opioid compounds. Basically folks seem to be getting high with it, and DEA wants to put them all in jail.

Actually if these evil maniacs got their wish not just the current millions, but many tens of millions would be in prison. We already live in a oppressive tyranny. As I say this is a "Junkie Nation" now. It seems most adults including till recently myself are on some official Med or other. The rest are self medicating for the despair of having to live in a nation where a handful of individuals...I bleeping mean 'hand full' as in less than a dozen families have more personal wealth that the bottom third of this whole fucked over nation.

Who wouldn't want to get high in face of that.

This shit can't go on. This kind of disparity would have caused a revolution anywhere else. Come to think of it in fact it did.

Unfortunately the redneck dummies bought the bullshit from our current gangster in chief, and voted him in. They put him there because they know they've been fucked over without any grease for decades...also he said he'd get rid of the Darkies. That clinched it for the heartland, and now we're under the rule of an illiterate emotionally disturbed rapist.

I'll say it.
These people Trump's hard core cult are just plain stupid bigoted anti-literate superstitious gun fucking scum. That's the cruel truth. If they had an once of intellectual curiosity they would have looked into to them promises they voted for. They'd have found out after a two second Google search that them high paying 1950's industrial jobs not only don't exist here anymore, but they're vanishing all over the world.

So we actually just had a revolution...or so the masses of the suffering bigoted stupid thought. Figures...this is exactly the sort of revolution we'd get. A con-man that takes even more away form them that voted for him. They thinking he'd save them. That, and he's handing over to the 1% everything they'd hadn't already got around to stealing yet.

Did I mention they didn't know that the "ACA" was Obama Care?

"Surprise Billie-Bob. Now you your sick kids, and your elderly folks are fucked because you voted to abolish your only life line."

Angels weep.

"Shit didn't you read the pill bottle,...I mean even once?"

Speaking of pills...Hell I could use some of that "Kratom" noise just to get my tattered self through the night.


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