Tuesday, April 25, 2017


The seasons. I wish summer was slightly cooler our fall longer, and more colorful. The extremes of winter shorter, but still snow. The "Yule" the Longest Night a Week. This with the Northern Lights come as far south as the Gulf Coast. So 'all' can wonder at it.

Then Spring our longest season with trees flowers in their brightest bloom for months. Summer bright full joyous slightly cooler yet so life giving. Then perhaps a fifth short season with the aspects of summer, and fall.

Perhaps call it "Amber Summer". She with her emerging colors of fall yet with an aura of pleasant warmth. Then we would dive deep into prolonged fall with her trees ablaze yet chilly nights, and crisp days.

The sun, and moon would chase each other through these glorious stable wonders year by year by year.

Stay Tuned.

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