Thursday, April 27, 2017


An old friend is a social worker helping specifically the Homeless of the South. We have the occasional back, and forth on this.

As I just said to him:

"The crime is that we have allowed it for so long, and seem more that willing to put up with it for some time to come. It is a very quiet kind of murder of both the bodies, and souls of our brethren.

One day I hope to read the story of "The American Era of Homelessness" 1978~2040?

How it began. All the social underpinnings. The gaps of both morality, and politics public, and private. It's evil height then it's slow so very slow ending. The epilogue alone would be biblical in content, and length."

( Above is the only portrait of myself which I know of from my year in what I called "The Outside".   Enlarge. Look to my eyes. The drifting bleakness of them.

That's still me. I'm still there. Like Vets of War I'm still there. 

As long time readers know I kept a photo journal of that time, and posted many images here. I may gather them up in one place eventually).

Stay tuned.

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  1. It's a crime all right. It's a product of property laws, and hence of capitalism. Capitalism causes homelessness. Real estate is genocide. Just ask an Indian, if you can find one.

    Your friend does well, I think, to focus on one geographic area. The problem's too big for a person to try to tackle it all.

    No decent society would allow it to happen to people. In Italy, a home is a constitutionally guaranteed right. I think it should be regarded as a human right.