Sunday, April 2, 2017

"Never Again"

America as an Empire is in it's shabby dusk. As these things go it was a rather short run. Just as well. No big allience of ex-colonies wanting your blood.
On the bright side Asia will pick up the slack. Just as it will be they that takes humanity back to the moon, and develops Mars the outer moons, and the ring. We're another Portugal of history. The first to go, but then just stopped.

It looked so different just 50 years ago.

We heralded an Age of Miracles. You name it we did it on steroids. We were even with our vast injustices the best educated fed talented hopeful, and entertaining Empire in all history. Everybody 'wanted' to be like us or even here.

I've never heard any mention of such about the Romans Persians Brits French or today Russians or Chinese. Ever heard anyone that didn't have an AK-47 pressed against their head say, "Golly I wish I could be a Russian!"


Well it was a short party, but one for the Ages. Now time for the old Dragons to take the world back, and usher in millenniums of dreary bullshit. But I was there. Part of the luckiest generation in history. I was American in the mid-20th century. This where Hope ruled no dream impossible. Ancient diseases conquered...poof gone. Cruel un-just laws struck down on a daily basis science taking us to the stars color fucking TV for everybody, and good jobs with futures "climbing in through the gaddamn windows". paraphrase Holden Caulfield.

This will as it's starting to be. The stuff of species legend.

There was 'never' a time like it, and never...I mean 'never' will be again. Basically because the raw resources, and the 'Dream' to make it in the first place are gone.


'But I saw it lived it swam in it.


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