Saturday, April 1, 2017

"Des amis francais"

The images above are the rugged remains of Coney Island Brooklyn after another winter. I'm always struck at the amount of trash, and wreckage from the ocean that washes up every year. It's a floating sewer out there. Still winter's end. Albeit another insanely warm one...near 70f at Christmas, and New Years. Just two three slushy snow events, and mostly in the 40f /50's the whole season.

Basically the heated planet story. Eh, other words the end of the human world? Early extinction,...anyone getting this? Hello? ...swell. .....Die.

On to another matter.

Nearly 9000 page views by French folks here in March. There have been many French visiting here since last summer. However this is the 'most' for a month, 9000,...interesting. There have been other nationalities that have crowded here over the years. In particular Ukrainians, and Russians.

However now it's the French in their many thousands.  Totals for March just under 1000 Russians, assorted other nationalities in the hundreds, and 3000 Americans. All this to the French 9000. So it seems da Russkies, and my fellow Yankees are only mildly interested in what I'm doing. However right now the French can't get enough. A mystery...truly.

Why would so many French folks be interested in the adventures of a retired Negro engineer from Brooklyn? I can't even sing or dance. However I am a jolly cynical bastard though.

Stay Tuned.

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