Sunday, April 2, 2017

"Drama Queen"

This has been a more than interesting end of winter. An actual murder in my building. This with ripples still echoing around the 'Hood. It may have triggered my recent health emergencies which gleefully continues.

Dizzy confusions deep pains sweats shakes what fun.

I called 9-1-1 yet again after midnight. The symptoms spiked badly. So bad I asked my Doc if my family should be called in...Drama Queen to the end. She was swell. A comfort as were, and are near all medical folks.
She told me "ending dependency" on powerful medications is a "slow process". 'And that how I was likely to be "around for a long while."

That's good,...I think.

They dealt with my assorted yuckies. Shot me full of gawd knows what. Took all sorts of samples...again,...stuck an IV into me, and to sleep I went.

I'm home again. Btw the photos above from my Kite adventure exactly a years ago.

"A room of one's own". Ms. Woolf, at least w/the title, was more than on to something. Also really you don't have to post you've all more than shown me how much you care. Your earlier/comments reactions are more a joy, and comfort than I can say...bless you folks.

The weird thing is I want a Pizza...plain. A heaping hot ass messy drippy pizza...I wanna have one bad. It would probably put me into a coma, but hey.

'...back in a while.

Stay Tuned.


  1. "Ending dependency... a slow process." So that's why you went off the meds - you're trying to kick them? Now I get it. Probably a good idea, meds are toxic, especially to the liver, they say. Unless it kills you - then not a good idea. I hope you feel way better instanter.

    I can send you good vibes via special magic ritual, if that's OK with you. It's the sort of thing that requires your permission. I think you granted this once before, but probably I should ask again.


  2. By all means. I enjoy a good show rattles fire jumping juggling dishes guessing folks weight, and picking the right card out of the deck. Majik...just loves it. In other words please my dear friend bring it on I feel like crap. It's getting in the way of my drawing, and writing stories about holy Angelic 13 year old queer lads bringing peace joy, and low interest auto loans to the other words,... yes please. ...with fucking gravy.

  3. Very well, we'll bring on the rattles & other assorted devices of good juju!