Sunday, April 2, 2017


'Had another involved multi-phased dream,...why does the Eternal so bother people with these things. Trying to put coherence into it. I find when I just write it out as it happened no one get's it.
A punchline without a joke.

'Don't know how them Sufi mystics got by. I have that Brahms guy doing the Deutsches Requiem. ...good for my nerves...not as good as Medical Dope would be, but ya has to work with what ya have.

Working on writing up the dream. ...or trying.
Our dreams... are in infrared 3-D, but everyday life tends grey flat 2-D. Ya knows the drill....bring life to what you already know.
It's all scraps floating all over the damned place, and one keeps forgetting the good bits...yeah they float back, but leave again before ya can rightly record them.

...sorry be back when I sort it out.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Those Arab inclinometers and assorted astrological & astronomical devices are right up my alley!

    The lyrics by the bird's tail mean "I want thee to kill me, and thence from death/Thou shalt be my queen and great Lady."


  2. I'll take another shot at translating:

    "I wish thee to kill me, and thenceforth dead / Thou shalt be my great queen and great Lady."

    The singer means when he shall be dead, not when she shall; this is clear from the gender agreement of "morto," a dead man, not "morta," a dead woman. Translation is tricky; and Renaissance love lyrics tend often to be morbid, in English and Italian too.

  3. I was hoping someone would note that jazz.

    I'm no good at any of this. I found the image could make out bits of it. It spoke to my wanderings.

    Yeah love them Arab science things from the day.

    They saved Civilization.

  4. Neat having such smart pals.

    This was/is the point of community.

    In this age of wonders through digital one's, and zero's...again bless them Arab wise-guys.

    Oh the Zero!

    Where would we be without it.