Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Post Op Idealistic Delusion #38"

Now, and then one hears of an impoverished ignored American town or village asking the United Nations for help. The State Department always shuts that down, and the U.N. having no nuts to speak of always looks the other way.
Maybe if a whole State or large group of towns, and city neighborhoods asked together this country might be embarrassed into doing something. A growing portion of our Republic is at Third World status. No one cares or ever will. Not the shrinking middle class, and certainly not the oblivious 1%.
So an appeal to the World may be the last recourse.
I kidding, am now composing a nice note to the Secretary General regards the state affairs of Brooklyn.

I'll keep you informed.

"Honored Sir Madam or Other. Though under the influence of rather powerful medications I never the less have several items of importance I wish draw to your attention..."

Stay Tuned.

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