Friday, April 28, 2017

"For real Post Op Story #59"

Pain again...quiet, but there. Meds of all sorts. None any fun. Like most Americans I imagine I'm an Opioid Junkie now. That or at least at the ort cloud of such.

Here see I've forgotten why I'm posting.

This happens more, and more. I'm concerned a bit...we'll see where that goes. Cold still. Gut cold. Also sleeping in smaller installments once more. At it's worse it was one to two hours at a time. A few days at 10 to 12, and going back to small bite sized pieces.

I'm so fascinated watching my body heal. It's doing things I've never experienced before. Tired so tired. I took a hot very hot shower, and put on  fresh things...always a joy that.

I'm saving energy to haul my stuff to the laundry in a few days. Till then I'm watching things on Netflix. A dear friend is sharing her subscription with me. Oh how good people are.

That, and trying to read.

No politics no scary more of that. Had another go at Donne's Holy Sonnets. How the language has shifted in just a handful of centuries. What will folks make of Ginsberg in just three or four hundred years. How will "Howl" scan to them. 

Also reading James Baldwin's sermons. What would he, and Donne have made of each other. Would they find kindred streaks of fire in each others words?

I like to think on such things.

Back to sleep,...loves ya all. XOX

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