Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"???!!!" ,...this s a re-run. I like this story

Okay here's a conversation stopper. I was abducted by them Saucer guys back in 1955. From my Aunt Sybil's back yard. Eh,...my Auntie is the one in the middle in the third photo that's me in the second. And that's Swedish jet fighters taking down one of them weird annoying bastards in 1953 or so.

Good shoot'n guys!

These family photos taken at about the time of the,...eh incident.

Both Aunt Sybil, (...to center),and I were taken by these weird robot guys. We ended up in what I thought was a big airplane hanger...I had seen a few by then. Ya see they didn't shoot you in them days for wandering around airports.

There's me above at he time of the gleeful incident.

Anyway this big robot guy was carrying me to who knows where...I didn't know what they did to Auntie...still don't. Anyway I ended up in what looked like a room full of giant washing machines. Hey that's what they looked like to my five year old self from dream recall.
They gave me a bath.


Yeah I don't know why either.

Next thing I know I'm with Aunt Sybil again, and we're looking down on the City. We're flying over the Brooklyn Bridge...thing is I remember details like the fact from above the bridge looked rusty needed a paint job, and serious repairs...which it did at the time.


Next we're in the kitchen, and Auntie is cooking dinner.
Years later I asked her about that. About how could we have the same dreams. That's when she told me about the mysteries she experienced in her life...ghosts, visions, music in the sky. Basically all the stuff that folks do perceive, but mostly never talk about...for obvious reasons.

Me I have no shame as I just posted somewhere. In fact I told the story on the air about how I called the radio station's manager saying I couldn't come to work because I was having flash backs of my UFO abduction.

WBAI radio, wbai.org,  for all it's current sins 'is' the only job on Earth where your boss will give you time off because of UFO flash backs. She even asked if I wanted to talk to a UFO post abduction counselor...whom she knew.


Good grief.

Anyway I think them space guys have been messing with my family for years. My brother had some of that missing time jazz both when he was in Vietnam, and here at home. That on the highway at night upstate. Other relations mention stuff from time to time.
Granted most of this is bullshit shit, but there's that 2% or so that ain't. Who or what them folks are...who the bleep knows...excerpt maybe the NSA, and the Phone Company. ...and 'they' ain't talking.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I never had such an experience, but according to Terence McKenna quite a few people reported having them back in the day, so presumably they must have been experiencing *something.* According to another author I know of who wrote a book on the subject, the flying devices sighted consistently bore a resemblance to whatever experimental aircraft the Air Force was testing at the time. This particular author is a modern Druid and a ceremonial magician, so he's not the type to dismiss hard-to-explain stories out of hand. He's the kind of guy who does his research. Personally I have no idea WTF is going on. I get the impression that some people notice or experience things that most other people are apparently oblivious to most of the time.


  2. As for the experimental aircraft yes it jibes. When vertical take-off planes were being tested folks saw hovering "craft". When the early stealth bombers were flown before made public people saw "Boomerang" shaped vessels. These rather like the early bomber prototypes.

    Now odd rectangular or asymmetrical craft seen even recorded on phones,...well you get the drift.

    'Course this don't mean the guys from planet Mongo ain't buzzing about. It just means all the folks that had "experiences" including me are in on a rather interesting adventure. As McKenna sez,...whom I met while sorting coke back in the day. Such a life I've had, and have. Anyway he's right. We all 'did' experience something real.

    The public jury is out on just what. "Private" research remains silent thereby fueling the more insane parts of the conspiracy realms. Hey it sell papers.