Friday, April 7, 2017

"Yes they're Dead"

The Syrian Gas Attack that killed children, and babies in their dozens is now being called a "False Flag" incident.


Have the Conspiracy Shits no Shame...none at all?!

I don't didn't happen or was done by others for reasons beyond imagining. A dead Baby joke with real murdered babies done by,....? Then door #3...why? Who benefits. Who gains in this complex environment from this particular slaughter of innocents in that particular place.

If I were G-d I might be tempted to let loose the Red Eyed Hounds of Hell to, "...Lay Waste the Surface of the Earth, and Smite the innocent, and guilty alike". 
This just the beginning mind you. 
...and just "Tempted".

G-d if any will just let us go our way in hopes we'll figure shit out eventually.

Till then ...this.

I've been reading on social media questions as to who sold Syria their chemical weapons. Who did chemical weapons business with country that has already shown they 'will' use them.

Who sold them?

Laurence Livermore Labs USA. If not them something very like. Could be the French Germans Russians even India is in on the act there. One or all of that sort sold it to the Syrians. Does it matter? Someone did business, and walked off with a $bundle$. What the customer did with their product is of no direct concern.

Oh,... when there's another terror attack in Russia France Germany or wherever,...remind me not to care.

Stay Tuned.


  1. What a horrible guessing game, to try to figure out which gang of psychopaths did this. I think all the suspects named are capable of it.


  2. Where? Well they've all done it before. In the end as I say it doesn't matter where it came from. They're dead. Dead. The Kids even babies. Them their nurses some parents even rescuers that came after the first barrage. There was a second timed specifically to kill just them. After Trump's impotent reprisal there was another gas attack just to say "Fuck You". War.