Saturday, April 1, 2017

"As Time Goes By"

I was wandering around the net came across a story where some small town cops we kind, and helpful to a trannie guy. Sweet.

( From MSN)

"A man in full drag who was stopped at a traffic checkpoint in his small Upstate South Carolina town was surprised by the reaction of the officers.
Brandon James, who lives in Pacolet, posted Monday on Facebook: “Friday after the "RuPaul's Drag Race" viewing party at Club South 29 as we were on our way home, we came upon a license check entering Pacolet, and I freaked out because I was in full drag, live in a very small town and, well, the police aren’t always accepting,

“I couldn’t have been more wrong! I would like to thank the Pacolet Police Department for being incredibly kind and reassuring me that I am safe in my town and that they support me and are very progressive. I’m proud to call the town of Pacolet my home!”

The Pacolet Police Department responded by posting: “We appreciate your kind words, Brandon. The Police Department takes pride in putting our community first. No matter your race, sex, income status or sexual orientation.

We serve and protect you. Everyone is welcome in Pacolet, South Carolina, aside from the criminals. They usually don’t enjoy their stay.”

My heavens...could this mean the country is slowly growing up? Acts of kindness where none was common is a very beautiful, and wonderful sign. A younger friend just said to me that it's generational.  Seems folks from the 20th century have baggage about race orientation all that noise. Younger folks he said were "just as screwed up", but about "different things".

Anyway as you can imagine there were tons of comments on this. Most were positive...another sign despite the recent election that we're moving along in things. However some we less that gleeful. Mostly religious based contempt for those different.

One poster was particularly hateful, and gawd fearing.  (...likely closet case.)
To him I wrote, ...

A "Sinner?" I forget what part of the story of Christ is it where he said, "...Hate the fags kill them despise them!" I'm looking now, sorry don't see it. 

Oh you must mean Leviticus.

That's a scary biblical book,...even Christ spoke, and acted against it. Remember how that crowd of guys...always guys ain't it. Anyway they wanted to stone a woman for being an adulterer. I guess they let the guy involved go,...dunno. Our Lord was there seeing another angry mob wanting to do the work of Leviticus. Well he went, and said, "Let 'he'...again "he', 'Lawd said "Let he without sin cast the first stone". Well given how guys are, and the stuff we always get up to.... that was pretty much that. The story goes on, "...sez our Lord..."Where are your accusers now?" "Go, be faithful, and offend no more." 

Would make a nice Netflix series.

Stay Tuned.

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