Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Something wrong is happening to me. It just started just became clear. I 'hate' Mr. Trump. Before I just saw him as a tragic buffoon that became president by accident of history. However it's what he, and his accomplices are doing day to day. An inferior soul is the most powerful man on earth.
The trigger was a matter of fact atrocity against the working women of our country.

He signed yet another executive order that evaporated many of their work place protections...just like that, and to the applause heartless republicans including women. Women who by their power, and wealth are insulated from this cruel act. ...See image above.

"By overturning the Fair Pay order, Trump made it possible for businesses with federal contracts to continue forcing sexual harassment cases into secret proceedings — where the public, and other employees, may never find out about rampant sex discrimination claims at a company." ( MSN)

He may have no real idea what he just did. The republicans wanted it he gave it to them and that was that. They wanted it speculation sez because of the Fox News sexual harassment scandals were coming out regularly. As a favor to Fox many assume republican politicians did them a solid. This via Trumps willingness to sign anything put before him.

This is who we are.

Failing a true smoking gun in the Russia mess that hangs around his neck. He will govern for at least this term. Given the stupidity laziness, and mendacity of the majority of the country. Especially those that would rather watch the game eat pizza, and gossip on their devices than vote. 100,000,000+ of them. They who can't find their own nation on a map, and know nothing of history if it's further back than a year.

Perhaps this is what we deserve.

Maybe the nation should break up into cultural regions as Canada has done. The hoards of Jesusland Nazis will have most of the country, and the sane...those that can read past a 5th grade level will have a small corner for themselves. Perhaps in time filling the UK's empty seat in the "E.U."

I look at this empty man, and I hate him. No compassion. None. Nor for his cult that will let him commit any crime he likes or the republicans who use him to destroy as much social progress as possible. This for me is a defeat. To hate is a moral defeat. I need to think on this.

I truly believe our republic is finished. That such as this empty suit could rise so high tells the world that the Pax Americana is over. It's done. We are now ready for historians to pick our bones. Chart our rise, and fall. From the founders who were wise adherents of the Enlightenment to a corrupt false deluded emotionally disturbed unsound would-be rapist.

No matter who or what comes next no matter their virtue or lack there of. The United States of America has ceased to be an example to anyone. The lamp of the Statue of Liberty should be put out. the circuits the power cables to the lamp cut, and ripped out.

It's over.

Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany is now the Leader of the Free World.
An irony that overwhelms. Already historians are spilling digital ink on this bizarre, but final turn of events.

Be well be safe. Keep close to family, and friends because that's all we have now. Peace.

Stay Tuned if you wish.


  1. "I truly believe our republic is finished."


    "That such as this empty suit could rise so high tells the world that the American era is over."

    Right. And if it weren't this callous gross buffoon, it'd be another one; he's a symptom, not the disease. They can always find another flamer, and odds are they will.

    "We are now ready for historians to pick our bones. Chart our rise, and fall."

    This is exactly what the historian Morris Berman (author of "Why America Failed" and other books on American decline) is doing. His earlier books were aimed toward saving the nation, but his later ones he describes as a postmortem.

    "The United States of America has ceased to be an example to anyone."

    Well, actually, it is: an example of what to avoid. Our downfall has been to put moneymaking before all else. You can't build a viable society on gross materialism and nothing else. That's Berman's thesis and I think he's nailed it.

    There *is* hope for humanity as a whole - but not for America. In fact the two may be in opposition at this point. Our way of life in itself constitutes a perpetual war on the rest of the world. When we collapse, it will actually come as a relief to much of the world (though Europe and Japan may suffer).

    It's better to identify with humanity as a whole, not the United States. The latter is finished, and the former may well actually benefit from that fact.


  2. How I wish I were wrong, and that this not yet another tipping point of western history. However it is. Still I lived in the American Empire the Pax Americana at it's idealistic height. I lived, and saw the Age of Miracles.
    Nothing can take that away. I was there saw it lived it. It was not a myth as it's already receding into. It was real, and it was a wonder.