Friday, April 7, 2017

"Heresy" A late Black History Month item.

This is heresy for some of my evolutionary minded comrades, but I never liked that Marcus gravy guy.  ...Google the jerk. We subscribed to the major Black press when I was kiddie. Btw believe it or not, but the "Amsterdam News" was once compared to the NY Times for it the mighty have fallen. ...both of them.

Anyway reading all that as a kid I found much about our hero Garvey. Some were calling him a prophet all that static. Turns out he was a fanatic a racialist a crook, and a wannabee Boss for Life of any handy Caribbean nation he could get his mitts on. I especially was freaked out by the big uniformed Bully Boys he always surrounded himself with. That, and his ubiquitous Napoleon plumed hat. Also he was queer, so to speak, for all them grand muckie muck uniforms.

Hey I love the drag of a cool military outfit.

See my Civil War re-enactors drag I always wear. There I am above there pretending to be a good soldier of the 9th U.S. Colored Regiment. 'Loves that noise. Youbetcha! Um glasses not exactly regulation, but ya gets the point. Oh history...we're all twigs in the rushing flood of it.

I digress,...which I love doing.

Anyway army drag on me is cute on that Garvey maniac it was downright scary. He had a constant aura from this writings, and photos of creepy dread. Even as a little kid I saw this. The only 'good' thing about him is all the revisionist noise about him being gay or something like it...the flowery plumes muscle boys, and such. Yeah I could be wrong around that. Maybe he was just a sensitive soul. Um,.....nah. He was an asshole, and potential "Dear Leader" for life of some hapless little island somewhere. There's our hero at top on parade in town here, NYC, back in 1922. Okay I'll give him this he tried to become something...'anything' when no Black person could get bleep. If he were around today he'd be a corrupt, but popular Congressmen. Eh with a "things" going on in the background. Hey business is business. Forward!

Stay Tuned.

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