Monday, April 3, 2017

"Chills, and Spills"

Life all life is tough as nails. Everything living on this world is a winner in nature's most brutal of contests. Natural Selection. All of us from the simplest cell to the whales, and great oaks. Even that unlikely species of spacefarers.
Even we.
We're all insanely resilient far. Roaches sharks alligators, and sponges honorable mention for longevity.

I bring this to you in the context of my current Drama Queenery. I should have bit the dust I don't know how many times, but insist on hanging around making trouble. I think more than we imagine do this...they just don't write about it.


That's the latest withdrawal noise in my digs. I haven't had this since I last enjoyed drug withdrawal. That time in the clouded evening of my youth from the less than legal variety.
Truly we've become a Nation of Junkies. (...Opioid hell some places polite drug store prescriptions in others.)

We are sucking down all manner of interesting chemicals. Officially, and self procured.
What would William Boroughs have made of this. What are current neo-hipsters making of it. I look forward to this generation's "Wild Boys".
(  Eh, Boroughs again...

So here I am wandering at the edges of a detoxed life. However the old ways still cling deeply. Letting go one wonderful needful fang at a time. Christ I love drugs...all kinds. Always wanting to see more than what our eyes betray us with.
Though clean for decades the dreams, and it's effects hang true. Several years of self-medication followed by near decades of legal, and now I see far more destructive Meds.

Meds. How slowly this little word has clawed into our world. Rapped around our throats at our own invitation, and slowly happily strangled us.


Yes ongoing pains nightmares, and assorted un-writable adventures.

However Chills.

I'm so cold. Shivering. frozen inside my damned guts. This happened long ago during a serious dope overdose in my former days. I wasn't afraid then, and not now. New things or at least rare things are what our evolved selves love. '...again thank you Natural Selection.
This shit just turns us on.
From this came fire particle physics pizza comic books anthrax bombs plastic Little Richard, and Mozart.

What is it where did it come from how did it happen..., and at last the most dangerous two words in the human world.

"What If?"

May the Gawds forgive us.

Stay Tuned.

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