Sunday, April 23, 2017


Just come home. Maybe three hours ago. Bathed rested sat up. That's
about as I can do so far. Four surgeries, and invasive adventures. Hard to control my fingers.
...every word here spellchecked.

Notes, and observations to come. I do not at this know my awake time from dream time. "But then they were never that separate.

The photos are where for decades centuries the neat radio gang I worked with after long on the air shifts went to eat.

This in the company of crooked cops Chinese gangsters lost tourista's rolled Johns exhausted medical students Haitian taxi drivers off duty hookers, and the just plain hungry chowing down in righteous democracy.

3:am 'Merica at her greasy best!

For this our fathers grandfathers, and now for some great-grandfathers stormed the hateful gates of Hitler's Festung Europa! The bright burning beaches of Normandy!

All that for the happy madness of New York Chinese dumplings in a basement at three in the morning in the company of gangsters killers bad cops, and the common grunts of the world's most insane city.

A wonder of wonders.

I'll be back in a bit. Loves you all.

Stay Tuned.

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