Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Mexico Glance"

(...above the real map of Mexico.)

A twenty second history of the U.S./Mexican relationship . First off we stole half their country. Then the damned French tried to install a Hapsburg Emperor on them. From there Mexico was off to the races. A later revolution was the icing on the bitter cake.

Been in chaos ever since.

(...above that Hapsburg guy the French tried to dump on Mexico.)

The current U.S. demand for drugs which is causing a break down of order, and general slaughter in Northern Mexico ain't helping.
Btw we've been treating the indigenous Mexicans like shit in their own... historic lands forever.

However there is Change if not Hope on the way. Mexico is gaining it's lost territory back "Block by Block" a Los Angeles Hispanic D.J. sez. 60% of greater LA is Mexican the rest of the former Mexican States are now or soon will be Hispanic majority.

So the Gringos can build all the Berlin Walls they want. Try to expel 11,000,000 people like the Nazis did...and btw that makes us look seriously bad to the world.

...but I digress.

California, and the general Southwest is becoming Mexican again. You plan to move west? Learn Spanish.
Yeah sure there tons more details, but this is all ya need to know.

Stay Tuned.


  1. As it happens I *am* learning Spanish. If I were any further west I'd need a boat.

    I've read that building walls to exclude the hoi polloi is something empires typically do when they're in decline. To historians, it's an announcement that the empire is getting ready to go kaput.


  2. True. Walls are the traditional indicator that the party is Over.

  3. Time to exchange emails find ya hat, and beat it the hell home before the fires, and looting starts.