Wednesday, April 5, 2017


I was asked what's "Bob the Bunny's" take on Steve Bannon.

"Bob the Bunny" knew Bannon back in the day.
They were both Black Op vets. ...that is before Bannon went rouge. He, and Bob they used to hang out in the back of decommissioned B-52's out at the "Bone Yard. Aka Davis-Monthan AFB. This just outside of Tucson.
There they'd drink laugh shoot up speed heroin sometimes cleaning fluid or root beer. Well Bob did root beer.

Btw that drug road is written all over Bannon's face.

Anyway they had a falling out when Bannon tried to get Bob to join some secret Nazi SS assassins cult. For some weird reason they wanted to terminate all the subway conductors in Chicago. ??? "Bob" said "I only kill for the Constitution."

Bob later passed on an invasive psych profile of that evil Bannon whack job. This to his connections in the NSA/CIA/ Mossad, Apple Microsoft, and that secret bunch that runs all the dark self aware A.I. systems. Yeah all the real power players have his number. So it was just a matter of time till they clipped his wings.
Note how quietly, and smoothly they just ordered Trump to remove him from the NSC...National Security Council. A post to which he himself arraigned his own appointment.

Bob said, " to hand it to 'em...Balls."

Trump signed the order having not read it...had no bleeping idea. He could have been ordering Thai-take out. The dance of the true power cliques is a sight to behold. A grand ballet. That Trump crowd has no idea who, and or what they'd fucking with.

It's about to get really entertaining...or so "Bob" tells me.

Stay Tuned.

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