Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Post OP Dream #20"

Again strange dreams. This once more from my earlier life. I was in the Arts Office of the radio station I foolishly devoted my whole adult life to. I was editing a digital program,

However it was not on a computer I'd ever seen before.

No CPU no keyboard nothing recognizable. Yet work away I did. The sound file was suspended in the air before me. I edited not with a stylist or any sort of wand,...but with my fingers.
I shorten added changed tone the usual, ...but I moved these sound graphs about with the gentlest touch. I moved many colored phrases here, and there happy as could be.

I wish I could remember the designs for this "" I'd likely patent them. More like just give it to the world to play with as the giving to the world of the Internet itself.

One of the greatest gifts to our human world.

Simon Loekle my very dear departed friend was there. This as he and other friends are in my dreams lately. He was there in "Arts" as we called it. As always reading researching on upcoming programs. I have the feeling we spoke of the "Alice" production that we'd planned for so long.

Simon as some remember founded the "Shakespeare Liberation Front" in the early 1980's, and produced many well received productions of Mr. Bacon's works. ...ahem. Oh what a fine band of gals, and guys they were. I was actually 'happy' in those days. Which perhaps is why in times of trauma I dream them so.

In that context a production of "Alice through the Looking Glass" came up. ...and stayed up for years as we discussed the practicalities of it. This remains the unfinished piece of both our careers.
Still it was so good to see Simon again.

He was a friend, and dear comrade of over 30 years.

Stay tuned.

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