Monday, April 24, 2017


I've been awake for a few hours, and have been reviewing certain matters that have transpired while I was otherwise engaged. Apparently among them is that Mr. Sessions Attorney General of the Republic was not aware that Hawaii was a U.S. state.
He didn't seem to believe that they had federal judges with any authority. Much as I would imagine a territorial official may not have national influence.

Perhaps an email effort by concerned citizens letting Mr. Sessions in on the fact that Hawaii is been in the Union for 58 years may be helpful. She's our 50th state. I even remember when it happened. Folks we proud, and happy. There was a national sense of identity as one nation then.
As opposed to the balkanized war zones we have now.

There was a ceremony at my catholic school where the honor students...ass kissing fucks. Anyway them brown nosing bleeps had the honor of raising the new 50 State flag above the school...been there ever since. 'Least till the NYC 51st State flag goes up.

Anyway glad to see nothing's changed much in our tragic comedy while I was bleeding my guts out all over the place.

Above is the State flag of Hawaii.

There's a nationalist flag. However I'll never post that since that movement like all nativists movements is profoundly racist. They want all non-indigenous or mixed blood persons expelled or have civil rights reduced/removed or among the most profound factions,...actually killed. So fuck them to hell.

Stay Tuned.

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  1. That a big laugh about Mr. Sessions. Scary, but funny.

    If they get their way, the genocidal nativists are really going to miss their welfare checks.