Tuesday, April 4, 2017


They say there's a storm headed this way. Northeast about to get banged real good. Big winds rain snow peas, and carrots. The weather is unstable, and the climate is in now unstoppable change. Otherwise everything's fine.

As we know human matters like peace war or justice are now irrelevant. This because we were too stupid to see doom etched in the skies above. We'll go about our business fearing hating coveting, and basically stinking up the planet till the ocean crashes through our windows...like it did with Sandy. That was just a small taste. Never mind. Everything's fine.

This as the current administration deletes climate data from it's sites. Yeah that's make it all go away. When the Great Wave comes I'll meet it standing...I'll take snaps too. It's the principle of the thing.

Climate,...excuse the expression, "Trumps" everything.

Stay Tuned.

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