Monday, April 24, 2017


I've just awoken again, and am looking up what went on while I was quite literally spilling my guts. Seems we dropped a non-nuclear large bomb on a military target east of Kabul in Afghanistan.

A "GBU-43/B MOAB".

This to clear bunkers, and ignite fields of mines in a conflicted area. The "MOAB" is a 0.010 kiloton heavy hitter. It's relatives are battle field nukes in the 10 to 100 kiloton area. For comparison Hiroshima was as I recall about 10-12 kilotons.  MOAB is not as destructive, but has the virtue of getting everyone's attention.

Still as I sit here I wonder. Though I point blank have a blood in the eye cold hatred for Isis like I do Nazis. How does one physically endure being on the business end of one of these. That, and as Trump ranted, "A storm of MOABs..."

The Russians love these things, and put serious resources into refining them. Their current battlefield doctrine,....against us. That is in the opening hours, and perhaps days of direct warfare they would use "MOABs" liberally. This of the 2.0 kiloton variety.

With these they'd sweep our infantry, and armored formations off the field. With no radiation. Thereby opening vast opportunities for forward exploitation. Of course we'd respond with stronger 6.5 kiloton hits into their rear, and forward to freeze that battlefield while we recover, and replace lost units.

(...last week's hit.)

If no deal is brokered the 10.5+ battlefield nukes come out, and that will be that.

I think perhaps I should just go back to sleep.

Stay Tuned.


  1. That was a few days ago, I think. It's sickening.

    We have no business dropping bombs on faraway places. We're just destroying countries, with no constructive goal in sight. It weren't for that bad habit, there would probably be no Daesh.

    Right now, at this moment, Arabs in Libya are capturing black emigrants from west Africa, who are trying to get to Europe, and buying & selling them into slavery - just like in the bad old days. They work them to death. If we hadn't bombed Libya and destroyed Ghaddafi's government, that would not be happening.

    We need to get out of the world domination business and attend to business at home, like maybe rebuilding a manufacturing sector. I hope we can still manage to make something other than ordnance.


  2. it was Arab middlemen that bought Africans from various interior tribes, and then sold them to the Europeans. This, and assorted variations of it.

    Why then did 20th century descended from Black slaves think their original faith was Islam. A kind of deluded lost in translation Stockholm syndrome. Africans then as now have Animus faiths. ...but tell that to the black Muslims.

    Now as you say Arabs sell Africans again.

    Old habits die hard.

    In that vein I'd rain down a thousand times a thousand, thousand MOABs on them, and theirs to break the cycle.

  3. Yeah, it seems like Malcolm X didn't have time to complete his research project on that; I suppose he might have caught on to the longer-term story if he'd lived.

    Ottomans were in on the trade too, I've read. They shipped slaves in from all points of the compass. Nowadays in Southern Asia slavery is closely connected with usury and debt - it figures, no?

    It seems we've lived through a comparatively good slice of history. I hope the notion of human rights is conserved, and maintains currency in the world.


  4. The old ways re-surface. However the better newer ways will prevail despite this. Such is my hope.

    I had I the strength I'd rain vengeful hell upon the wicked.

    This is why if offered I must turn from the Cup of Powers.

    (...I really ought to write some sort of "Rings" variant.)