Thursday, April 6, 2017

"Race War"

In the context of dominate cultures persecuting smaller ones. Example White law makers making Cannabis use a crime. Though used to heal pain for thousands of years it was criminalized in the U.S. because it was commonly consumed by Red Brown, and Black people.

I see an alternate history where Pink people are a powerless minority. This, and their traditions are criminalized.

Golf declared a criminal activity. 5 years for possession of golfing paraphernalia. 8 to15 years for first offense of active golfing. 25 years for the parole. Life or the death penalty...depending on the state for the third.

Consumption of the so-called "Cheeseburger" declared a crime. Possession of paraphernalia,...pickles ketchup buns etc. 5 years. Possession of uncooked meat paddy 5 to 8 years. Possession of cooked patty with intent to consume 15 to 25 years. parole. Sale of uncooked patty 15 years. Sale of cooked patty 30 years. Sale to minor,...death.

Owning multiple cars criminalized. The possession of more than one motorized vehicle for other than licensed professional reasons. Public service for two years plus social responsibility therapy. In excess of three vehicles 10 to 25 years. Sale of multiple motorized vehicles,...death.
Manufacture possession or selling any type of motor home for residential use, and unauthorized manufacture of any kind of grain alcohol ,...death.

Belonging to any type of racial nationalist group. Including possession of banners of any sort. Literature or recorded nationalist/racial materials on any kind of media. Wearing of illegal nationalist racial symbols costumes of 'any' kind, and possession or use of chewing tobacco, and unofficially produced alcohol of any type. 30 years hard labor. For alcohol manufacture death.

Manufacture of any, and all such materials as described above, and conspiracy to transport, and or distribute same. Death by hanging in a public area of the convict's community. In the case of minor over the age of 10. 18 years plus the right hand to no further than halfway to the joint or elbow will be amputated without anesthesia. (...the Belgians did this in the Congo.) Parents or guardian (s)  fined to no more than 2/3 of their possessions or wealth plus sterilization.

The possession of so-called "country music" instruments, and assorted paraphernalia. 25 years hard labor. The possessing of recordings on any type of media of criminal "Country Music". 5 to 20 case depending . ( If for personal private use 5 to 10 years. If played with others present even family 20 years. No parole.)

Possession Country music media with intent to duplicate no matter the number of copies. That is any quantity more than "one".  40 years hard labor as long as physically viable or again euthanasia if requested.

Composing illegally publishing on any media criminal "Country Music",...Death. Conspiracy to publish,...Death. Transporting illegally duplicated manuscripts or finished musical products. Death. Failure to report knowledge of the above. Life w/o parole or euthanasia if requested.
Plus...Confiscation of all personal properties, and those of family to the third cousins.

All this may sound seriously crazy. some.

White folks have done exactly this all over the world. They stripped
peoples of their cultures as a matter of social control. That, and inflicted punishments irrational extreme, and cruel for any attempts by subject peoples to keep indigenous values.

'This' above is what it would look like if it had happened to pink peoples. If history played out just slightly differently. If other nations, and alliances advanced...which some could well have done. That, and became colonizing industrial enslaving tormenting exploiters.

This is why mostly older white folks are in such a panic.

Their days of over-lordship are running out...and they know it. They are soon to be a minority. They know what this will mean since they spent the last 500/600+ years tormenting others with impunity.

In 2010 more technicolor babies were born than pink ones. They've been getting born by the metric ton everyday since. This is where the panic to deport 11,000,000 Brown peoples comes from.

They are in pissing terror of their just deserts.

However to us this all this noise is just a very minor rear guard action of an already defeated army. I mean Trump, and all that aged redneck I want my country back "static.

Pink America is already a minority.

Them 2010 babies, all proper citizens, are almost in middle school now. Soon...very soon they'll be voting, and their younger brother's, and sisters, and cousins will be voting just a little after that. ...and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and yes... More.

( Eh, again ya might want to change. The bathroom's just down the hall.)

However "Fear not for I bring thee glad tidings"...sound familiar?

You have nothing to fear. Why? Because 'we' are not 'you'. We ain't perfect, but we sure ain't the worst of you. We will be far...far more patient thoughtful kind, and generous,...mostly, to you than 'you...'ever' were to us.

You are our brethren.

You are our beloved Sisters, and Brothers...we're funny this way. ...well most of us. We will embrace you as fellow Americans. As we already do.


Stay Tuned.

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  1. I think it's possible that whites on the North American continent might wind up suffering what we inflicted on others; maybe in Europe too. There's certainly going to be some major depopulation over the next one to three centuries, here and worldwide, with massive destabilization in many places, and all kinds of scenarios are conceivable.

    I'm really unimpressed with the quality of life we've made for ourselves here on the Bigot Planet. Half a century ago, with the resources we had to hand, and with a modicum of generosity, thrift and prudence, we could have made the world work for for just about everyone, to borrow Bucky Fuller's phrase. Instead we hogged and squandered it. What a bunch of selfish mean stupid clowns.

    Humanity may have a few million years left on this planet. Perhaps it's possible some societies to come - maybe civilized, maybe not - will achieve a more equitable state of affairs, reasonably prosperous, and free from the malign ideologies and idiot prejudices that seem to characterize our world. Maybe some civilizations will be truly great. Also, some parts of the world may do relatively well over the next few centuries. I feel it's important to be as optimistic as possible. Optimists are happier and live longer.