Sunday, November 2, 2014


 As a people we Americans are not "Imperials". Like the British French Russians, and the Chinese in their day were or would like to be again. As a folk we're home-bodies. We like tending to our own patch. That's more than enough for us.

Thing is though we got this bee in our heads about Justice, and fair-play. Must be all that Magna Carta Brit stuff in our DNA. That mixed with Red Indian African American, and other spices in this stew we call the United States of Bleeping America.

We fight for Justice even when we ourselves are unjust. Maybe because of it.

I remember the public outcry to do something...'Anything' to help Somalia back in the 1990's. As I say we mostly don't pay attention to the world, but when we do we see it through our Hearts.

Well the result of that outpouring of generosity was our stumbling into a 15 sided Tribal Clan Civil War...that as far as I know is still going on. Talk about good intentions, and burnt fingers.

That episode pretty much sums us up.

We don't know much about the world, and generally fuck up big time when we try to help.

...and we actually do 'want' to help.

Yes we've bullied tormented, and robbed small countries mostly in Central America...our sphere of control or so we thought. We also bungled our way into two mid-century land wars in Asia.

"The Korean War" which the newly independent Indian government tried to warn was away from. The new Communist State in China warned us also. Heck even our OSS agents, and State Department "Old China Hands" saw the we were headed for the rocks.

They saw Hell coming and warned our new post-war National Security State "Contain the Reds at All Costs!" government.

No dice.

More than three years of War, and over a million dead people later they said a collective, "...OOPS."

'Said that, and were already getting us into the disastrous French Indo-China War. It soon became 'our' War. Known to those in the Woodstock Generation, that would include me,  as "The 'Nam". 

It was that "Red Containment" thing again. Mistaking Nationalist Revolutions for a World Wide Commie Conspiracy to Take Over of the very Earth!

Good Grief!

Through all this your average Joe had no idea what the hell was going on...all he knew was he got Drafted, and was fucked. 

You comrades getting this?

I'm just saying your regular Prole wandering out of Burger King don't have a clue, and don't care. These folks just wants to get on with life. He, and she wishes the world well, and that's it.

Imperialist Vampires they ain't.

Americans as a people aren't the Villains of History as the Left here, and around the world thinks...even the radical right thinks this, but for different, and totally insane reasons. Something about the "ZOG" Google it.

You want the real Villain?

Religion, and Tribal Nationalism.

Mix them sweet hearts together with oil poverty cruelty stupidity insanity, and time, and you got what we got now.

We're Americans.

We're as we see ourselves the "Good Guys". On the whole in our brief history that's mostly what we've been. 

We care about folks. 

Remember them Somalis? We seriously Fucked Up! ...but still.

We Hate Slavery Crazy Dictators, and Oppressions of all kinds...well 'we' do, but our owners do business with torturers, and slave owners everyday.

Ya see our national problem yeah?

As folks Left to Right we want to do the 'good' thing. That's just who we are. We express it different, but we still do it.

Left to Right we do. 

For example back in the day Lefties went down to Nicaragua to help the then New Revolution...even as our owners tried to over-throw it.

Rightist bought Slaves from their Sudanese oppressors. Bought them, and set them free. Even as our Corporate owners did business with those very Sudanese slave owners.

For all our corporate/governmental sins regular Americans want what's right. 

We're funny that way. 

This is why eventually we kicked that damned Paper Hanger into next Tuesday. 

You younger folks Google'em.

It was something called World War Two. Ask your great grandpa.

As for us. 

Us Americans if we have a 'real' sin it's that we let the jerks that run things in 'Our Name' fuck people up rob them murder them, and wreck the actual Planet. 

The 'only' one we got. 

That, and how we always let them fool us that their Crimes are for the good. If we have a problem that needs emergency fixing...that's it.

Stay Tuned.

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