Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Blood Stains"

These art pieces which I posted earlier are from my "art book" class at the "92nd Street Y". They serve the duel purpose of just getting me out of the house, and getting to the core of my various emotional traumas.

I think they're self explanatory,...or should be. All of the torments I've lived through, and with, and how it informs, but I hope does not control how I live.

The splatter of blood on the last image is to show just that. That I still live in a world where I believe Angels, and Faeries exist, but my traumas touch them regardless. They don't stop them, but yes they do touch them.

In other words my Dreams such as they are are rooted in the grim reality of the world as it truly is.

Which makes those Dreams so precious.

Stay Tuned. 

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