Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Josephine Baker"

Josephine Baker. Hero of France. Unwanted stepchild of America. She's been on my mind of late. 'Been doing some reading about her. An amazing story, and Amazing Woman.

Try to make a little time to watch the below documentary. It like all films only covers so much. I hope it will lead you to read research more about this extraordinary Woman's life. 

Stay Tuned.


  1. I believe James Baldwin moved to France a few decades later for similar reasons. Apparently in the 1950s America was not the best place to be black and gay.

    I remember seeing a documentary on Josephine Baker long ago. What especially sticks in my mind is how she adopted children from all over the world for the purpose of creating a big happy mixed-race family. What a wonderful idealistic conception.

    I also recall how, before leaving the US, she prized half of a 500-dollar bill from the fingers of a dead gangster who had promised it to her (having given her the first half) upon completing her performance at a speakeasy. A rival gangster shot him dead during the show. 500 dollars was serious money back then - probably enough to move to France on.