Monday, November 17, 2014

Aw man that 21st Century stuff didn't pan out at all. Today ol' George Jetson would have been downsized out years ago. His kids would be begging on the subway. The wife would be working Wall-Mart with no benefits no nothing, and poverty wages.

As for our Hero George

Well when Spacely Sprockets was brought out by the Koreans, and most of the staff let go. George did a number of small time jobs. He ended up selling bootleg prescription drugs to the elderly poor.

That went belly up then he robbed a series of 7-11's, and gas stations did some time. Got involved with the "Aryan Army of the Angry Jesus" on the inside. Now he's a Field Marshall in the group.

Him, and his comrades are stockpiling heavy machine guns millions of rounds of ammo some cannons a few tanks, and 100,000 kilos of crystal meth in a cave in Idaho.

They're waiting for the call.

When they get it they'll go into action, and liberate the state as the "Aryan Homeland of the Saved".  At last George Jetson will have achieved his true destiny!

...and Fuck You Mr. Spacely.


  1. Yeah Mr. Spacely - Fuck you! Take your sprockets and shove 'em up a robot's orifice! Then stick your thing in a meat grinder.

    Cut me in on the meth. I wouldn't know what to do with ammo. I'll try brewing some vodka moonshine. That oughta come in handy in the land of Mr. Aryan Potato Head.

    BTW, last I heard G.J.'s kid was hustling the Deuce. The other one's a crackhead. This is not Disney's Future World at all.


  2. This 21st century is one done by William Burroughs R.Crumb Rod Sterling, and George Orwell. Graphics by Geiger, and Norman Rockwell on whiskey, and crack.