Saturday, November 22, 2014

"The West is Red"

We're in the Red indeed just look at the national checkbook. The way things are going I'm looking forward to our pals the Chinese to call in their paper on us. For whatever reason our owners sold Trillions of bucks worth of our insanely huge debt to our former deadly enemy.

Btw when 'did' these guys become our "Former" Deadly Enemy, and our Loan Sharks instead. I really don't remember seeing that one on the news.

Well anyway what's done is done.

Our fucking balls are now owned by the guys we fought tooth, and nail bayonet to bayonet with all over the damned Korean Peninsula. Look up the Korean War kiddies makes for interesting reading.

Btw I suggest a swell war film of that era,..."Pork Chop Hill".

Some seriously wild shit in there involving our current loan sharks. It's on DVD maybe online. Comrades that was a for real War that killed over a Million folks!

I have lived long enough for an entire War, and all the social studies Mayhem that goes with it to be Completely, and Absolutely Forgotten!

Fucking Gawd Damned Amazing!!

However as I say I still look forward to life under our formerly Red Overlords. For one they'll rebuild our aged wrecked infrastructure. Set us up with a bunch of them swell high speed trains. 

Everybody will get work for years to come rebuilding basically 'everything' in this rusty beat up gawd forsaken Republic, and we'll get the guaranteed free lunch. 

That swell action is in the Chinese constitution. Also it's one of the few things them guys came through on for their people. So I think we may get a taste too!  

All in all not bad for being the slaves of the New Emperors of Heaven or whatever the hell our new bosses call themselves these days.

Well okay the down side is you'll be shot for Jay Walking, and reading the wrong poetry stuff like that, but otherwise it looks like a good deal.

I'll have Won Ton Soup, and a Beef'n Seaweed to go Comrade! 

Stay tuned.


  1. Well, some might suggest that the difference between "loan sharks" and "deadly enemies" is a semantic one at best. But I fancy the ground work for the transition such as it is probably got started when Nixon went there. Then somebody must have cut a lot of deals while weren't paying too much attention.

    The Chinese will not be giving us a free lunch. They have a well-earned reputation for stinginess. "They so tight they squeak when they walk," it is said of them in Hawai'i.

    They will not be building bullet trains for our benefit. If they build trains here at all, it will be for the same reason the Brits and other western empire-builders built roads and trains in India and various other subject nations: for the purpose of extracting the wealth of the nation, chiefly in the form of natural resources, out of that nation for the economic benefit of the imperial nation, and very much to the economic detriment of the subject nation. That's what empires are all about.

    Even now, China purchases raw materials from us at fire sale prices (remember what happened to the steel wreckage of the twin towers?), and then sells it back to us in the form of manufactured goods. You may have heard that this is a key feature that defines the economic relationship between a first world nation and a third world nation. Notice that in this case we are on the wrong side of that equation.

    If the United States were to break up politically before the end of this century, which seems a distinct possibility, and China keeps rolling high, which it might for the next five or ten decades, I could see the possibility of them making a grab for the Pacific Northwest. It's well-watered, has plenty of arable land, and is relatively lightly populated. China has that huge population that it needs to feed. It's hard to say if they would just move in and take over, or perhaps denude the landscape of its prior population. That's what white Americans did there, isn't it?

    Contrary to what Francis Fukuyama claimed 20 years ago, history is not over. It'll keep rolling long after we're gone.


  2. Humm well our pals the Chinese are comers that's for sure.

    This will probably recorded as the Chinese Century..or several. They used to rule the world once, but decided to take a nap, and let the barbarians play.

    Well nap time is over.

    In just a few years they've totally built up a First World national infrastructure. They're still at it too. In the time it took our corrupt players to finally build a replacement for the Twin Towers them Sino guys have build whole cities.

    You get that..."WHOLE CITIES".

    That, and all the jazz that goes with them so they'll actually function. Unlike that make believe Stalin era Russian crap, and current North Korean Potemkin villages.

    Sure we have the guts to do the same. Heck the American people "Want' to do the same in fact we 'need' to. However our owners have other plans, and they don't include the welfare of this country's proles.

    Not for a second.


    I'm online learning Mandarin words, and phrases...actually I am. It's going to come in handy for more than ordering take-out dinner soon.

    Btw China is building a first class Blue Water Navy.

    One big, and strong enough to challenge ours. In the not too far future our influence in the Pacific will end at the shores of Venice beach in California. Well not counting the immediate waters around Hawaii. Their carriers, and cruisers will be on routine patrol off our west coat as ours are now off their east coast. They'll be shit we can do about it too.

    There's a lot of national humiliation the Chinese want us to pay for,...and we will.

    Uncle Syd...too lazy to sign in.