Tuesday, November 25, 2014


All the other colors matter too. Still am I getting through to anybody out there? Please stop shooting us. Why can't you just go back to beating us with rubber hoses.

Not fun true.

Sure getting beat black, and blue...excuse the expression. Getting the crap beat out'a ya is no blow job while on speed balls, and whiskey. It ain't that, but at least ya still alive to sue the bastards.

Aw man this shit gives me gas!

Stay Tuned.


  1. To tell you the truth I think things like this are gonna get worse for some time to come. As American society continues to come apart, it'll fracture more deeply along just about every conceivable line of division, racial very much included, with increasing violence. The cops will respond with ever-greater and more militaristic brutality and amateur gunslingers will get busy too, with very sanguinary results.

    Eventually, after much mayhem, I imagine things will shake down into just one division that really matters: that between the tiny minority of the very wealthy on the one hand, and everyone else on the other - the vast majority, who will be extremely poor. By that time nobody will really give a crap about race. This, I gather, is how decrepit civilizations usually hit the skids. But we've some way to go before hitting that point.

    "Why can't you just go back to beating us with rubber hoses."

    Careful what you wish for! We may not be that many years away from regular patrols by death squads, like they have in Brazil.


  2. Ya know my friend I'm getting too old for the fight. I was speaking to a young grad student of Color on the bus yesterday. Yeah folks seem to approach me always have. I guess I have the "Shine" or more likely I look an easy mark..., and I am.

    Anyway we were talking about what's going on, and I told her of the truly revolutionary changes that I've witnessed in the more that half century of my life. The America of 1950, and 2014 are two totally different universes.

    They are.

    I tried to communicate this to her. I said that if the country as it is now were to have fallen on us back in the 50's we'd have thought it was the "Jubilee" as Colored folks referred to Freedom once.

    It all depends on who you are, and when you are.

    She was amazed as youngsters always are when I say this. I told her that though this was a kind of Jubilee for me it was complete shit for her which she completely agreed with. I said the next steps were up to her, and the youngsters behind her.

    My parents generation, and mine the last to live under actual Jim Crow Laws have gone as far as we can. It's up to her, and her peers now.

    It is too.

    Me I just want to eat pizza pray to the Holy Boy, and watch "Dr, Who".

    I think I've earned at least that.

    Stay Tuned.