Thursday, November 20, 2014

"The Shape of Things to Come"

In a conversation with a pal he misunderstood me. He thought I said there was no real difference between the current Republican, and Democratic parties.

In reply.  I told him, "...I never said there was no difference."

I think what I did say was that "the Republicans would take food away from your kids with a sneer, and a snicker. The Democrats would do it with tears in their eyes saying how sorry they were they 'had' to do it".

That's a definite difference.

What I think what will happen to our tattered Republic now that the Republicans have both Houses is simple. They'll attempt to undo every piece of progressive legislation passed in the last 50 years. They've as much as said this is their goal.

Starting with the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

That "scrap of paper" as a certain paper hanger referred to such documents ended legal Apartheid in the United States.   A number of Tea Party politicians have publicly said it's removal is an objective of theirs.

Also I expect the lame duck Obama administration to veto as much of this madness as possible. The Hillery Clinton Administration that follows will be doing the same thing.

This is what I see as the rough outline of the next ten years. 

Well that or an actual revolt by the poor, and former middle class. An Occupy Movement that doesn't melt away during Spring Break.

However what's more likely is a revolt by the "Angry White Guys" to take us back to when they firmly owned, and ran the country. From what I've read, and seen of them they seem to want to take us back to "1916 America". 

This was an era when they were absolute rulers of politics, and culture. In the most crude, and basic sense the could rape lynch castrate or burn anybody they wanted whenever they wanted.

Read history this is what they did or allowed others of their kind to do.
This is ultimately what they mean when you hear them say, "...We Want Our Country Back!" 

Comrades this is not just my fearful fantasy. I'm a fan of history. So I know that that social reverses are not unusual. Not at all. Democracies have had these.

We had a major one after the Civil War. The removal of all Civil Rights from the Freed Slaves after Reconstruction. It took more than a century to repair this. We're 'still' working on it.

So I sadly believe it is not impossible that I may live to see a revived 1916 America in my life time.

If you are a youngster reading this. It's you that will have the awful, but righteous job of fighting it. 

Things that were once thought science fiction...ya know like a Black guy getting elected President. Such things as unlikely as we imagined them may become our everyday reality. 

While posting here I'm also posting on my Facebook page. One of my readers just mentioned that our part of the North East may not have enough old angry white guys to bring back those happy days of them raping, and lynching at will.

True that. We talked on the other page about the break up of the country that seems more likely now than it did just a few years ago. Various ideas about different political unions were put back, and forth.

We more or less settled on the idea of a New England Republic or some form of a Mid-Atlantic Compact. Both closely allied to the European Union. We figured this might be our best deal.

An independent North East or at least New England armed to the teeth, and in Union with the E.U. Of course this assumes Balls on the U.E.'s part, but  we're just talk'n here.

Some proposed R.N.E. Republic of New England banners from the 'net.


Also an Independent Manhattan, & Brooklyn flag.

Good luck, and Stay Tuned


  1. My preferred theory (and fervent hope) is that the Republicans will do as you suggest, and screw up so badly that they will get swept out in droves in 2016. One can always hope.

  2. As I say Satan has too much class to depend on electoral politics to bring on the Tribulation. That said we are in fact in for a considerable shit storm. Hopefully one that does not break up the country...but we'll see.

    I think the only reason the break-up wont happen is that our owners also don't want it. It would be really bad for business.

    I mean having your under paid un-insured workers shooting at each other rather than working for you would wreck the bottom line. Still at the end of the day if the shit does go down. I like the idea of breaking off from this madhouse, and forming the New England Republic.

    At last we'd live in a Free Town Meeting Democracy.

    Full of all those dangerous European socialist things like tax paid for "free" education health arts high speed connections for all, and the worlds fastest, and biggest roller-coasters.

    I could get used to this stuff.

    Also being allied with the European Union we'd turn over all the Homeland Security NSA CIA, and FBI operatives found in our territory to the Hague in Amsterdam for trial for Crimes Against Humanity.

    This seems to me a good start.

    Stay Tuned.